Friday, March 21, 2008

Tyler.T's shield writing

I’m going to tell you about the symbols that represent me on my shield .I’m going to tell you three symbols that are on my shield. One fact is the deer symbol means I have strength and spirit. I have strength because I work and work for it, and spirit is telling me if I should do it or not. I mostly can do it. It is like taking one for the team.
The arrow means I’m fast and have directness. I already told you about how fast I am so I will tell you how direct I am. I tell people what I mean. For an example, I tell people that I shoot my deer in the shoulder not I shoot my deer.
The castle means strength and protection. I protect my friends and my family and relatives. My strength is working and running. I will give you some detail. When I get home from school I go running with my dog once in awhile. Now you know about the symbols on my shield. Symbols are important to tell you what a person is like.

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