Friday, March 21, 2008

Lakins shield writing

What is small and silver? It’s my shield. There are three symbols on my shield. I will tell you all of them. The first symbol on my shield is a tower .For protection. If I we to get in a fight, I would protect myself. I will protect my friends at all costs. The second symbol is an arrow. It is for speed. I am fast at P.E. races. Like one time Nolan threw a ball at me, it missed and I threw a ball at him. Kim and I were racing, she was ahead and I passed her. My last symbol is a cross. The cross is for heart. I love animals more than anything. I cried all night when my cat died. It ate some mouse poisoning.
My shield is silver. I like it that way so it does not look like I’m ruler of some land. I’m nothing more than a lonely knight. It pains me to say that I have no land just like other kingdoms. I don’t. I get paid like two cents. That’s how cheap the king is.
Listen to this. Last week the gossip girls got seven gold coins for talking to the queen. The only time I get to talk to the queen is when I’m telling her bad news because the king is being a coward Well, now you know about my shield. It is made of silver metal with colored symbols and it represents my personality.
Lakin, 08

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