Friday, March 21, 2008

Elizabeth's shield writing

When knights go to war they wear a suit of armor. That makes them all look alike. The only way we can tell them apart is by the emblems on their shield.
I will tell you about my shield and its emblems. First I have an eagle for strength of mind. I am smart so I thought the Engle would be good for me. I was the second one to pass all the timed tests. My grandma thinks differently. She thinks I could have chosen a different symbol. The Fleur de lis is next. It is for bravery. I am brave because I face my fears. For example, I go into the basement to feed my guinea pig even though I am scared of the dark down there. Finally I will tell you about the emblem for first child. The E is for the 1st child. I have a LITTLE sister so that’s why I am the first child. Now you know about my shield and its emblems.

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