Friday, March 21, 2008

Andy's shield writing

Hi my name is Andy Caballero. I’m going to tell you about my shield and it is so provocative. There is black in the background. It is so fascinating because in the middle there is a red band with crenellations. One of the symbols I have is a sword. It is so amusing because it is so short. The sword stands for being the best at something. Now I’m the best jokes. For example, at our Medieval party I told one very, very funny joke. My second symbol is an arrow at the bottom of the shield. It is so cool because it is silver with black. It means speed. My last symbol is a fleur-de-lis. The third symbol means I’m the sixth child in my family. I have three sisters named Maria, Mireya, and Kandy and my bigger brothers’ named Jr and Marco. Now you know what my shield looks like.

Mckaylin's shield writing


Heyith shields are more koolith. So turn off the TV and come read me. Because I will tell you three things about this shield. First since I am the oldest I put the E on it to represent me. My mom is the oldest in the family because she is 41. Her birthday is in January 20th. Her and my dad will be the same age in May something then me I will be turning 10 in June and last its Gannon he just turned 6 on January. Another, I am strong, so I put castle on too. My dad and I always arm wrestle some times I will win but sadly he will win sometimes too but he only wins because I let him .So if I don’t let him will I win all the time YA! Last I am super fast, I got it from my dad Gary and my aunt Karri. It is kool. Whenever my aunt Karri comes over, sometimes we race. Mom makes an obstacle course so it gets hard and harder. Since I have told you about my shield that is all I have to say, but one good byeith. And try to make a shield.

Elizabeth's shield writing

When knights go to war they wear a suit of armor. That makes them all look alike. The only way we can tell them apart is by the emblems on their shield.
I will tell you about my shield and its emblems. First I have an eagle for strength of mind. I am smart so I thought the Engle would be good for me. I was the second one to pass all the timed tests. My grandma thinks differently. She thinks I could have chosen a different symbol. The Fleur de lis is next. It is for bravery. I am brave because I face my fears. For example, I go into the basement to feed my guinea pig even though I am scared of the dark down there. Finally I will tell you about the emblem for first child. The E is for the 1st child. I have a LITTLE sister so that’s why I am the first child. Now you know about my shield and its emblems.

Kim's shield writing

Hey, want to know why I’m making a shield? Well if you do, you have got to read this. I am going to tell you about my shield symbols and what they represent. One symbol is the rose. It means I am the seventh child in my family. It goes like this, Marnie my older sister, Terry and Susan my other older sisters, Dennis, Ron Junior, and my older brother Robert. And that leads us right back to me the seventh or should I say youngest. It sucks to be the youngest in your family because all my brothers and sisters always pick on me. But mostly Robert because he loves to wrestle me all the time. He even chokes me for no reason. But you don’t need to know about that stuff.
Another symbol is the speed symbol. It means I am the fastest runner in my family. I am faster than my mom, my dad of course, and all my brothers and sisters. I know this because all my brothers and sisters are married expect Robert and I. so that makes them a lot slower. Anyway I always raced them when they were younger and I always won.
Last but not least the pheon which is the speed and directness. You all ready know about my speed so I’ll just tell you about my directness. Directness means to tell you what I really think. For example, when my parents were in the Philippines a friend and I were play with the phone. We made about 167 calls. Can you believe it! But then when my dad got the bill he was shocked. So when he came and asked Robert and I who did it I stepped out and said it straight out, “My friend and I were using the phone.” So that is directness. To sum up, now you know about me and my shield symbols. I hope you learned something about shield symbols today. And remember if you’re bored and lonely hop up to that library shelf and open up a book and make it your own.

Kendra's shield writing

Dear friends please listen carefully. Please read this story. It is about 3 symbols that I made for my shield. You will find out why we made shields. I am going to tell you about three symbols on my shield that my class and I made for the Middle Ages. The first symbol that I put on my shield is a big E for the oldest in the family. I won’t to tell you why I chose the big E. Will for example I have a brother name Gage which he is suppose to be the oldest but he doesn’t live with us that much so he’s my half brother so that’s way I chose the big E because I AM THE OLDEST!! Another symbol I chose was a big silver speed arrow. The reason I chose the speed arrow was because I can run faster then my brother, my sister, and JoJo the little boy we have. Now
For the final symbol is a big golden heart. The reason I chose the heart is because I am a loyal and loving kid. So I do lots of things like I love on my mom, my dad also JoJo and my little loving sister. Another thing I do I even clean the house for my mom.
Now you know all of my symbols and what they mean. So bye-bye fair well my friends. Come back sooooon. Oh my friends I knew you would come back. Well all I wanted to say was thank you for listening to my story.

Thank You!!

Kelseys shield writing

Hi. I’m Actavious. Who are youith? Maryith ha haith. I’m old English .Because that’s how they talked in the Middle Ages.
I’m going to tell you about the three symbols on my shield.
I haveith a E ith. It means I’m the oldest one in my familyith.My
brother is like sixith and I’m nineith. So I’m older. So I can bossith him and he can’t beet me upith. Like when I’m watching tvith I’ll sayith Kayden go get me a popith and he’ll say ok..
.Nextith, I have a arrowith it stands for speed. All of my family says Kelsey you should be in trackith. like we were ith. Cause your fastith and hyperith. And I think track is not for me it’s like boring to be fast. So no point there. Finally, have a Fleur-de-lis it means I am brave ith .Like one timeith I was at the ranchith and there’s lot of stink bugiths so I went around with truck oil stuffith and killed all the stink bugiths .In conclusion now you knowith what my symbols on my shield ith mean ith .Now you know how my shield writing goes.

Kalah's shield writing

Hi my name is Kalah and I am here to tell you about my shield. Want to know a fact about shields and symbols? Well here it is. d you know that people in the medieval times didn’t know who was who in a battle but they could find out by looking at the symbols on the knight’s shield. Now I am going to tell you about my shield. First I am going to tell you about my sword symbol. The sword means bravery. I chose the sword because I am brave. And how I know I am brave is because my dad told me to go off a jump on my snowboard that is taller than me so I did and I crashed. It hurt. I also know that I am brave because I do something that people tell me that I crazy I do it. My next symbol is the pheon. The pheon means speed. I chose the pheon because I am fast and how I know I am fast is because everyday I walk home and when I get home I would go for a run around the block. It is really fun. Finally I chose the sun. The sun means splendor and splendor means usually shown with a human face. I am shown with a human face most of the time. I do not lie, disguising myself when I don’t have a reason to. I only disguise myself on Halloween or when you have to dress up for a birthday party. In conclusion, now you know why I chose those symbols for my shield. Making shields is lots of fun! You should make a shield of your own.