Friday, March 21, 2008

Kim's shield writing

Hey, want to know why I’m making a shield? Well if you do, you have got to read this. I am going to tell you about my shield symbols and what they represent. One symbol is the rose. It means I am the seventh child in my family. It goes like this, Marnie my older sister, Terry and Susan my other older sisters, Dennis, Ron Junior, and my older brother Robert. And that leads us right back to me the seventh or should I say youngest. It sucks to be the youngest in your family because all my brothers and sisters always pick on me. But mostly Robert because he loves to wrestle me all the time. He even chokes me for no reason. But you don’t need to know about that stuff.
Another symbol is the speed symbol. It means I am the fastest runner in my family. I am faster than my mom, my dad of course, and all my brothers and sisters. I know this because all my brothers and sisters are married expect Robert and I. so that makes them a lot slower. Anyway I always raced them when they were younger and I always won.
Last but not least the pheon which is the speed and directness. You all ready know about my speed so I’ll just tell you about my directness. Directness means to tell you what I really think. For example, when my parents were in the Philippines a friend and I were play with the phone. We made about 167 calls. Can you believe it! But then when my dad got the bill he was shocked. So when he came and asked Robert and I who did it I stepped out and said it straight out, “My friend and I were using the phone.” So that is directness. To sum up, now you know about me and my shield symbols. I hope you learned something about shield symbols today. And remember if you’re bored and lonely hop up to that library shelf and open up a book and make it your own.

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