Friday, March 21, 2008

Mathews shield

When knights are in armor the people do not know who they are so they raise up their shield and now the leader and the king and queen know. I am going to tell you about all three of my symbols on my shield. The first symbol is the one that looks like the letter E and that means that I am the oldest kid in my family. I am the oldest because I am 10. There are two more kids and they are younger then me because they are 8 and 7 years old. Dillon is my brother and he is the 8 year old. Jordan is my cousin and he is the 7 year old. The next symbol is the one like a tower and that means strength. Strength maybe means to never give up-to keep on trying. I usually help my grandpa with really heavy stuff. For example like when my grandpa is like moving my little brother’s doghouse. The last symbol and that one is the hand the hand means generosity. I am very generous because I am always sharing because I am almost nice. I sometimes share my stuff with my brother and cousin. Thank you for reading my story for my shield.

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