Friday, March 21, 2008

Kalah's shield writing

Hi my name is Kalah and I am here to tell you about my shield. Want to know a fact about shields and symbols? Well here it is. d you know that people in the medieval times didn’t know who was who in a battle but they could find out by looking at the symbols on the knight’s shield. Now I am going to tell you about my shield. First I am going to tell you about my sword symbol. The sword means bravery. I chose the sword because I am brave. And how I know I am brave is because my dad told me to go off a jump on my snowboard that is taller than me so I did and I crashed. It hurt. I also know that I am brave because I do something that people tell me that I crazy I do it. My next symbol is the pheon. The pheon means speed. I chose the pheon because I am fast and how I know I am fast is because everyday I walk home and when I get home I would go for a run around the block. It is really fun. Finally I chose the sun. The sun means splendor and splendor means usually shown with a human face. I am shown with a human face most of the time. I do not lie, disguising myself when I don’t have a reason to. I only disguise myself on Halloween or when you have to dress up for a birthday party. In conclusion, now you know why I chose those symbols for my shield. Making shields is lots of fun! You should make a shield of your own.

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