Friday, April 20, 2007

Dear.4thgrade class
Hi, my name is Kaytee. I am writing to your 4th grade class for a good cause. I will tell your class the reason why. The 4th grade class in Waterville, Washington is doing a project.The project is that each student in my class has to make two letters and send it to a school in each state.
Now I want to tell you a bit about myself Well I have brown hair with blond streaks. I have a favorite animal and it is a cow. Well the reason a cow is my favorite animal is that they have long cool tongues. For your fyi I am a girl. Oh I have a baby brother named Brodie who was born on 3/13/07. I do not know why they named him that I think that it is funny. I wish I could have a tea cup chiwawa because they are so ugly but cute and playful.
Now I will tell you a little about my school. We have something called refocuses. I will explain how the system works. If you do something wrong you get a prompt and to not do it again if you continue to do it you will get a refocus. We also hunt horny toads because we have and adopt-a farmer program which helps us track horny toads in the wheat fields. On February 27 our class has a catupult contest it work like this everyone in the class has to build their own catupult and how you could win is shoot 3 marshmallows the farthest. One of our
activities in February is. heart-o-grams this is a piece of candy on a decorated piece paper which can be bought by family and students of Waterville school We deliver these heart-o-grams to classes k- 12 even family. our class raised over $300.00.Well I think Waterville School District is fun and has nice teachers. the last thing I am going to tell you about is my family. Well I have 2 younger brothers and 1 younger sister.1 brother is my full blooded and his name is Brock.and 1 of the brothers is my half brother which is sister is my step sister her name is Akira.we all play games like my sister andI play princess it is not very fun at all. Another is that my family has a farm in omak,Washington we raise cows,horses,,sheep and bunnies. We sell beef cows,milk cows,horses and sheep for money sometimes. All the people in our family has a bunny,horse, cow. My family has to take care of different animals.
Thank you for leting me tell you about my family, my school and myself.

I hope you
Write back
200 Birch Street
Waterville, WA 98858
February 22, 2007

Dear 4th graders,
My name is Andrea. I would like to tell you about myself, where I live, and about my school.
First I would like to tell you about myself. I do not appreciate that I am short. I am so short that every year I am in the front row. I hate it. Another thing about me is I enjoy kittens. I enjoy kittens so much that every time my mom cat has babies I pick them up. I admire snowboarding. All of the time I see my friends. I ski with them. Sometimes my dad takes me to a snowboarding and skiing place. It is called Mission Ridge. It is in Wenatchee about 30 miles from Waterville. There are a lot of chairs to go to a different place at mission to snowboard.
Next I will tell you about where I live. I live in Waterville, Washington. It is a beautiful town. There are no malls. We only have one grocery store. We have a bunch of snow. One year we had 10 inches of snow. I like the snow because I can play in it and have a snow ball fight.
Finally, I will tell you about my school. When you go in a different class they do different stuff. I hate that. Like I miss that Mr. Grillo use to play his guitar. Our class does a lot of projects. In February we do a project called medieval. We build castles. They have to have 14 things. There is a thing called Morning Meeting. It is where you greet people and share things. The first time our school had an elementary song I was happy because the other schools I went to don’t have an elementary song.
Now you know about me, my town, and about my school.

200 E Birch Street
Waterville, WA 98858
February 27, 2007
Dear 4th graders,

Hello my name is Zakkary r. I’m from Waterville in the fourth grade class. And I am going to share with you some things about me, my, home, and my school.

To start with, one thing that I love to do is watch the Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers because I used to live in Wisconsin. I also saw that Indiana got into the NCAA Tournament as a number 7 vs. Gonzaga and won. Another thing I like is to read my Encyclopedia and Chemistry books. The reason I get the chance to read a Chemistry book is because my mom got one for college and she gave it to me. My favorite equation is E=mc2 which stands for Energy = Mass times the Speed of Light squared. I love to go to my grandma’s and hunt deer and coyotes because I have my hunter’s license. I have two sisters and two dogs named Ulysses and Penny.

As well as, the new place I live in is called Waterville. Waterville is very small and that’s one reason that I like it. One thing that I find interesting is that Waterville is almost one street in every direction if you are at my house. In Waterville we grow wheat which of course we use to make bread. In Waterville we have a small grocery. Ours is called WFG which stands for Waterville family Grocery.

Finally, the Waterville school’s name is called Waterville Elementary. In our school we have two recesses one at 8:30 and another at 11:50. Our disciplinary system is called Time to Teach and the hated word is Refocus. We also have 3 areas to play and one we can sled on. The highest grade we have is 6th and we do not have Pre-Kindergarten.

All in all, now you some things about me, my home, and my school. I hope my writing sounded good. I also hope you will write back.

Sincerely, Zakkary
PO Box 490
Waterville, WA
February 20, 2007

Dear 4th grader,
Hi my name is Michael and I would like to tell you about my awesome life in little Waterville.
First I would like to tell you about my self. I am a boy with long blond hair and I’m only ten years old. Everybody else in my family has long hair too. I was born in Everett, my favorite city. They have an awesome zoo and a Chucky Cheese. My birthday is January twenty first. I don’t think it’s a very good time to be born because you can’t skateboard in January.
I love to skate. I like to skate around town with my brother Chris. I have been skating for one year .I also love lasagna. It is my favorite food. I love my mom’s lasagna . If you ever saw me I am sort of short to my other friends and my age.
Finally I am going to tell you where I live . I live in Waterville. I am in elementary and fourth grade. We have like twenty five to twenty six kids in our class.
Now you know where I live, what I like, and how I am. If you’re a skateboarder I hope you write back to me.

PO Box 490
Waterville, WA 98858
February 27, 2007

Dear fourth grade,
Hi, my name is Daniel and I want to tell you about myself. where I live, and about my school.
First I want to tell you about myself. I like video games like Def Jam Dam. In that game you can crush the bodies of rappers. I am 10 years old and I have sandy blond hair. My happy place is the beach. When I find seashells and other interesting things I am excited about it.
Second, I live on Badger Mountain. I love it when you get to snow board on a snow boarding mountain at the ski hill near my house. My favorite snowboarding tricks are a 360 Indy and when we get to jump off large jumps.
Last, I want to tell about my school. I know you would enjoy our school because we get to do art. You would also like that we get P.E., reading, music and library. In P.E. we get to play dodgeball. Right now we are reading about the Middle Ages. Last week we made castles and shields following the ancient rules. You would like it a lot.

All in all, now you know about me, where I live, and about my school. I hope you write back to me before June 14 which is when our school is over for the summer.
Your friend,

200 E. Birch
Waterville, WA 98858
February 26, 2007
Dear 4th grader,
Hello my name is Mason. I would like to tell about my family, where I live, and me.
First, I love sports. I play basketball. We have games on Friday and Saturday. We have practice every day. I play football. We have games on Friday and Saturday. I skate board. I can only do it on Sunday. I have friends that skate too. Plus I snow board. We have a mountain that is always snowy. Personally I love sports.
Next I live in a little town called Waterville. We have to go down a wavy road to go down the canyon to get to Wenatchee. It snows a lot here just enough for us to snow board. My house is two stories. It is fun. My friend jumps out my window. We are the Shockers. That is our sports team. I hate snow because we can’t skate.
Last I will tell about my family. My brother is weird when you get to know him. My mom is going to be a paramedic some day. She is at school. Plus my step dad is evil. His name is Donny. He sends me up to my room. My real dad is cool. His name is Todd. He buys me skate boards. I want to be just like him. I hate having evil people in my family. OK I told about my life. How is yours?


PO Box 490
Waterville, WA 98858
February 26, 2007

My name is Alex. I think you will like what I tell you about myself, where I live and my school.
First I’ll tell you about my self. Well I like video games; I love to dirt bike and snowmobile. The reason my favorite things to do are dirt bike and snowmobile is because my dad was great at those things when he was a kid. My favorite foods are hotdogs, bread and baked potatoes. Out of all those foods I just said my favorite one is hotdogs.
Personally I like where I live. I live in a small town called Waterville. Our town of Waterville is so small it has only about 1,100 people! Waterville is surrounded by wheat fields. My house is close to school. I have a big house to! Actually I moved from the country to in town.
Last I am going to tell to you about my school. I don’t know if you know who Drew Bledsoe is, but his dad coached Waterville school football when my dad was a player. I think our football team is pretty good so maybe sometime you could see them play. The team’s name is the Shockers. The Shocker’s colors are burgundy and gray. Personally, Drew Bledsoe’s dad helped my dad in football in the mid 70’s.
In conclusion, I have told you about myself, where I live and my school. I hope you like my letter.

March 16, 2007
PO Box 59
Waterville, WA 98858

Hi. My name is Dietrich. My middle name is my dad’s name and that’s Damin, but my last name is Daling. I’m going to tell you what I like, where I live, and my family.
First, I’m going to tell you about my family. My family is awesome my dads name is Damin. He works at the P.U.D. and the dam. He works on computers so they can go on the computer internet and can work. He also works on power lines. My mom cuts hair. I know all her customers and when I was little I was shy. My sister is off the hook (cool). When she goes to school and gives me a ride to school and then she goes to basketball practice. And then she does her homework. Her homework usually is math. One time it was art.
Now I’m going to tell you where I live and how I live. I live out of town and the town is Waterville. WA. I live by lots of mountains and wheat fields. I kind of live out of no where. I have a lot of land. It’s like a wheat field in fact. It was a wheat field, but all the wheat is dead. Now it is a motorcycle track. I ride my motorcycle. I live in a cabin and it is very big. We have a guest bed. We have 3 beds not including the guest bed.
Finally, I’m going to tell you about myself. I like to snowboard on Badger Mountain. It is not very big but it is kind of popular and it has a lot of jumps and trees. Badger is 3,500 feet. There is a hill that is 8 feet for little kids and the hills are named. The little hill is the bunny hill. The tip is the A hill. The C and the D hills you have to go from the A hill because there isn’t a thing to get up them. Here’s how you get up the A, B and Bunny hills. The bunny hill and the B hill have a rope tow. The B rope is fast and the bunny hill is slow. And all you do is grab on. For the A hill you use a T-bar. It looks like a T upside down and a rope is tied to it. There is a special jump I love to go off because you get air and land on a log that is a grinding rail. I’m going to make a really big grinding rail. I like to go fast because of the feeling. I can do a 180.
This is a little about my life. I hope you get to write back to me, and tell me about you life.

Hello 4th grader the earth says hello,
You are going to fall asleep in this letter about me, myself, and I. Just joking it’s about me, my town, and my school. It’s going to be regular because it’s about awesome stuff.
To begin I am going to tell you about stuff I like, and maybe stuff you like. I like to eat KFC chicken legs and a good drink to go with it is called bug juice. The kind of bug juice I know is called grapey grape and fruit punch blast. One video game I like is NFL Street 3. It is fun because you can stiff arm people, make fun of people, run on walls, and do aerial moves. A video game I think of is Madden 07 and defeating the opponent so I get a better influence and making them walk away with a mad face. I go to Vancouver, WA to visit my grand mother and grandfather who live by Mount Saint Helens. My mom survived the explosion when she was a baby. I like football but sorry the Bears lost the Super bowl if you were rooting for them. I was going for the Colts.
Also I live by the Columbia River. It’s a long river. The Wenatchee River goes into it. The town I live in likes sports. My town has a ski hill. At the ski hill they have a lodge. My grandma lives on Badger Mountain. I would know that my town likes sports because we have basketball, football, volleyball, baseball, softball, track, wrestling, and golf. My favorite sport is football because you get to tackle the RB and the WR or sack the QB. Interceptions are fun too.
Finally I am going to tell you about the school and the stuff I do and don’t like. My school is odd. They serve bad food like taco pie, omelets, pizza, and much more stuff. You may like it but I don’t. The cake is good if it’s not carrot cake. They actually put thin slices of carrots in it. A big problem is refocuses. A refocus is if you do some thing wrong it’s a prompt. Then if you do it again it’s a refocus. Three in a week it’s academy. Academy is where you have to stay at school for an hour. In that hour you can read, do your homework, and do nothing. But school is fun because you get to play games in P.E. and go to recess. Personally school is fun because I get to see my friends and play flyers up. Now you know that I like me, the town I live in, and kind of like school.


Video game freak, Dayn
PO BOX 490
Waterville,WA 98858
February 27, 2007
Good morning star shine. The earth says hello!
I will tell you about myself, my sister and my school. My name is David and I’m 10 years old. I like ninjas. I have an awesome game called Naruto Clash of Ninjas 2 .You can play as many as 20 different characters like Akamarue, Crow, Saske, Kakashe, Gaara [Sandman] , Rock Lee, Sakura , Kiba, Oni, and Shikamarue, but there’re a lot more characters than that . There are 30 arenas to fight in! There are jutsues like shadow clone jutsue which means it can make more copies of yourself.
Now I will tell you about my sister named Tarah. Tarah likes animals. My sister really likes crows because she likes how they have shiny and silky feathers. Tarah likes the color black and crows are black. Usually at home she dresses in black too.
Now I’m going to tell you about our school’s recess. There is a really fun game called flyers up where one person is up with a ball with a group. The person throws the ball and the group tries to catch it. If one person does they go up and the thrower goes to the group. If they don’t catch it you stay up. Try it out and you will have a blast! Now you know me, my sister and my school. Have a Happy New Year and write back!


P.O. Box 490
Waterville, WA 98858
March 9, 2007
Dear 4th grader,
You are very sleepy...just joking. I want to tell you three things including
where I live, what I like, and about my school.
First I want to tell you about what I like. I like to play Starwarsbattelfront2 because you can take over the galaxy and be Yoda. Star wars battlefront2 is 3d for PS2.I have legostarwars2. It’s so fun to play it on computer. I also have legostarwars for game boy advance sp. It’s so boring
Second I want to tell you where I live. I live in a semi-desert. It has a lot of sagebrush and rocks and I’m not sure why. My house is on 107 Chipmunk Trail on Badger Mountain. My house is light blue.
Third I want to tell you about my school. It is the most boring thing I’ve ever did. All we do is math, but there are some fun things like castles that you make with hot glue guns and card board boxes. We also made catapults that we shot marshmallows with. And we need to be at school by 8:00a.m. or we are absent and have to go to the office and tell her we are here.
Well, now you know what I like, where I live, and about my school.

Please write back.

Sincerely, Cameron 4thgrade