Friday, March 21, 2008

Taylors shield writing

In the Middle Ages, knights had symbols on. This was so people can know who they are when they are dressed in their battle armor their shields. I’m going to tell you about my shield symbols. My first symbol is a crescent. That means I’m the second in my family. Mike is the first in my family. Zach is the third in my family.
My second symbol is a speed arrow. That means I’m really fast. I’m faster than Mike almost. Zach is slow. But my dogs run really fast. It’s hard to keep up with them. Some times it’s fun to race but not all the time.
My third symbol is my sun. Because I show human inside me, people say I am a splendid person. For example, I help people carry food . I also help my next door neighbor carry stuff in her house because she is old sort of. So now you know you should choose the right symbols to tell about yourself. And now you know why knights have symbols on their shields.

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