Friday, March 21, 2008

Mckaylin's shield writing


Heyith shields are more koolith. So turn off the TV and come read me. Because I will tell you three things about this shield. First since I am the oldest I put the E on it to represent me. My mom is the oldest in the family because she is 41. Her birthday is in January 20th. Her and my dad will be the same age in May something then me I will be turning 10 in June and last its Gannon he just turned 6 on January. Another, I am strong, so I put castle on too. My dad and I always arm wrestle some times I will win but sadly he will win sometimes too but he only wins because I let him .So if I don’t let him will I win all the time YA! Last I am super fast, I got it from my dad Gary and my aunt Karri. It is kool. Whenever my aunt Karri comes over, sometimes we race. Mom makes an obstacle course so it gets hard and harder. Since I have told you about my shield that is all I have to say, but one good byeith. And try to make a shield.

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