Friday, March 21, 2008

Kendra's shield writing

Dear friends please listen carefully. Please read this story. It is about 3 symbols that I made for my shield. You will find out why we made shields. I am going to tell you about three symbols on my shield that my class and I made for the Middle Ages. The first symbol that I put on my shield is a big E for the oldest in the family. I won’t to tell you why I chose the big E. Will for example I have a brother name Gage which he is suppose to be the oldest but he doesn’t live with us that much so he’s my half brother so that’s way I chose the big E because I AM THE OLDEST!! Another symbol I chose was a big silver speed arrow. The reason I chose the speed arrow was because I can run faster then my brother, my sister, and JoJo the little boy we have. Now
For the final symbol is a big golden heart. The reason I chose the heart is because I am a loyal and loving kid. So I do lots of things like I love on my mom, my dad also JoJo and my little loving sister. Another thing I do I even clean the house for my mom.
Now you know all of my symbols and what they mean. So bye-bye fair well my friends. Come back sooooon. Oh my friends I knew you would come back. Well all I wanted to say was thank you for listening to my story.

Thank You!!

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